Welcome fellow seekers!

I'm here to help you look within to find your path forward. 

My integrative healing arts practice focuses on guiding you to connect with your Higher Self and empowering you with the wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology.


Evolutionary Astrology

Everyone is born with a karmic blueprint of their soul's evolution. Together we can discover the themes and lessons that might be playing out in your life today and uncover your soul's purpose.

Evolutionary Astrology Natal Chart Reading

60 minutes for $180

What do the stars have to share about why I am here? What is the bigger lesson for all of the challenges I’m facing? How can I use this information to find deeper meaning and direction in my life? In our natal chart deep dive, we will answer these questions to uncover valuable insight into any challenge you might be facing as well as actionable steps for how to move through it. 


Integrative Healing Arts

Combine the wisdom from your evolutionary blueprint and your Divine guidance to truly understand where you have been on your soul's journey, where you are trying to go and what blocks you might be facing along the way.

Integrative Healing Arts Session

90 minutes for $225

In this session, we will combine the structure of the astrology chart with the imagery and guidance from the Tarot.

Together, they provide a full picture of where you are on your soul’s journey and the events that led you here while also shining a light on your path ahead. This session is for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of their soul purpose. 


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