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“I had the pleasure of having my chart read by Kathryn; I can tell you from the minute I met her, she radiated magnetic energy! From the time leading up to the reading, through the reading, and even after... Kathryn just brought a level of comfort, thoughtfulness, and honesty. I appreciated every aspect of what she put into my reading - so thorough and thoughtful; she also took time to answer my questions and explained everything. Simply put - she knows her stuff!!! She is also an absolutely lovely soul and I am so appreciative and grateful to be connected to her.”

- J.

Kathryn is a sweetheart and an AMAZING natal chart reader!! I reached out to her with specific questions and she was able to mold her reading accordingly & give me SUCH GREAT INSIGHTS that truly resonated with my soul! As she was navigating through the chart and interpreting embedded messages for me, I remember thinking, YES! 100%! It all makes sense! I received a lot of confirmation and validation from the reading that gave me confidence that I am already walking my destined path and that there is no reason to hold back but to go FULL OUT! I think what differentiates Kathryn is her sincere desire to help you, her approachability and her unique intuitive ability to tell you exactly what you need to hear from the chart. I highly recommend you decode soul messages from your natal chart with Kathryn!”

- M.

"There's something very trustworthy about Kathryn that immediately made me feel at ease. My Akashic Records session with her was amazing, she skillfully brought clarity to an issue I've been stuck with for a few months. I really enjoyed the experience and will be booking her again for sure!"

- F.

“Kathryn's work blends the insights of astrology with the wisdom of the Akashic Records in a seamless and really beautiful way. In our session together, she hit on some really important details from my chart that helped me better understand myself and the current transformations I'm experiencing. She also connected to the Akashic Records to deliver deeper messages and to bring all of those details together. I walked away with a renewed sense of clarity and validation about my path and possible next steps. Kathryn is also a warm, welcoming, and grounded healer who makes you feel at ease. She creates a totally non-judgmental and supportive space. I highly recommend working with her!”

- J.

“Kathryn, thank you so much for that powerful session. I’ve been struggling with this issue every day for the last ten months, and in addition to experiencing an energetic healing from the Records during the reading, I also received great insight and practical direction for next steps to heal it up completely. Many thanks!”

- S.

“Kathryn has a very gentle and intuitive approach when working with Akashic Records. She has a great clear spiritual vision and a connection with the higher realms where she receives the insights. She helped me to access my key guidance for walking my path and living my purpose in the most effortless and aligned way and she also has offered me some practical advice and steps on how to do it. The messages came in a very beautiful symbolic way and Kathryn was very helpful and collaborative in helping me to decode them. I highly recommend working with Kathryn, especially if you are feeling stuck and confused - she has a special gift to not only access your higher information but also to encourage and empower you to trust yourself and your power too.”

- R.

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